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Honoring veterans

The American Legion is a National non-profit organization started in 1919 right after WWI ended. The effort was to assist those veterans to adjust back into civilian life. The Legion also was there to fight for and to help veterans get benefits to help maintain a happy and healthy life after defending our country.

Honoring veterans is a high priority for the American Legion. We march in parades, do flag raisings, memorials, posting colors at events. If it honors our American Flag or the life of a veteran living or not, this post is willing to honor the flag, a veteran, or military service.

Post 178


Grove post was started with a temporary charter in 1931. In 1951 the post became a full member of the American Legion family. The post has a full and great history in the local community.

Currently, the Grove Oklahoma post is flourishing with the idea of putting veterans and youth first. We look to assist those in need of financial assistance with youth school supplies. The American Legion is also here to assist other organizations, churches, and projects by providing a charity bingo. This raises funds for others.

If you’re a veteran and want a place to just enjoy the company of others or need help with your benefits? Well, we provide the Veterans Coffee Bar, Monday through Friday from 8 AM until Noon. We provide free coffee and donuts. If you’re not a veteran that is ok just come in and we can talk.


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